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Create your first NFT smart contract

Set of tutorials to guide you through everything needed to create an NFT smart contract, upload images to IPFS, add metadata and price, and trade on GonnaMakeIt

Quick Start Guide

We have a Quick Start Guide on Listing NFTs on GonnaMakeIt. This set of tutorials is meant to provide details so you can customize your smart contract, set prices, etc.


The following set of tutorials will guide you through the many different components of building, deploying, and selling a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Energi Testnet. The NFTs can be traded on GonnaMakeIt Marketplace.

Tools Used in Tutorial

The tutorial assumes you have some familiarity with coding, but are brand new to the world of Web3 and smart contracts. We will be using the following dependencies in the tutorial:

GonnaMakeIt Repo and VPS For Deployment

These tools are commonly used by the community. We will be using them to encourage best practices. There are many other alternatives to these tools that you can also use.

What you will Learn

We will review definitions and concepts as it pertains to Web3 development. We will offer guidance on how to provide the best user experience possible for users of your smart contract. By the end of the tutorial, you will have:

  • A deployed NFT smart contract on the Energi Testnet network,
  • A collection on GonnaMakeIt, and
  • Some NFTs within the collection that you can sell on GonnaMakeIt.

Sample Code

The code presented in the tutorials can be viewed and downloaded from our Gitlab repository. We recommend you clone the repository and customize it for your own use.