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MetaMask Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you install MetaMask on any supported device(s). Keep in mind that the instructions provided below are aimed at existing DeFi users who are already familiar with managing their own wallets.

If you need more detailed instructions, refer to our step-by-step guides:

Additionally, if you are a Brave Browser user, it offers a built-in Crypto Wallet feature which functions in the same way as the external MetaMask extension. For detailed information on Brave Crypto Wallets, check our full guide:


NOTE: Currently the GMI Marketplace does not support transactions made using Brave's Crypto Wallet. We recommend using MetaMask for any GMI Marketplace related transactions.

1. Download and Install MetaMask

1.1. Navigate to the MetaMask Download Page on any supported device and click the Install button.

1.2. Depending on the device that was used to install MetaMask, you will have either the Browser extension (desktop) or app (mobile). Follow the initial instructions to either create or import an existing (Ethereum) account.

1.3. For MetaMask Mobile, you also have the option to Sync with the browser extension, allowing you to manage the same account(s) on your desktop extension or on mobile without the need to import the account(s) multiple times.

2. Next Steps (Optional)

After installing MetaMask on your device, you will be ready to configure it to use the Energi Network: