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GMI on SushiSwap Quick Start Guide

This is a Quick Start guide aimed at experienced users who are familiar with purchasing tokens on DEX like SushiSwap as well as adding and removing liquidity from token pairs. It covers the following topics:

For detailed guidance on how to perform these steps, refer to the following guides:

1. Prerequisites

You will need a Web3 wallet supported by SushiSwap in order to acquire GMI tokens as well as add liquidity to or remove liquidity from the ETH-GMI pair on SushiSwap. We recommend using MetaMask since it is the wallet supported by GMI Marketplace.

Should you need assistance in creating a new wallet using MetaMask, refer to the following guide:

Keep in mind that in order to perform any activity on SushiSwap platform, you will need to have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.

2. How to Buy GMI at SushiSwap

2.1. Navigate to SushiSwap and click on the “Connect to a wallet” button at the top-right of the screen.

Ethereum Mainnet

2.2. Select the “MetaMask” option and unlock the wallet address which you wish to use.

2.3. On the Swap screen, select the currency you wish to swap for GMI and enter the quantity you wish to exchange in the first field. For the purpose of this guide, we will use Ethereum (ETH).

2.4. Click on the token list menu on the second field and enter the GMI Token Contract Address listed in the table below. This will display the GMI Token as a result. Click on it and it will return you to the swap screen. You will see the resulting amount of GMI tokens you will receive from your trade.

NetworkGMI Token Contract Address
Ethereum MainnetTo be Added

2.5. Click on the “Swap” button. A Swap Confirmation screen will appear with your swap details. If you are satisfied with the results, click on the “Confirm Swap” button to proceed.

2.6. A MetaMask pop-up window will appear. Click on the “Confirm” button to confirm the swap transaction. Once you confirm, you will be taken back to the SushiSwap page and a Transaction Submitted screen will appear. It will give you the option to add the GMI Token to MetaMask so you can check and manipulate your balance.

2.7. (Optional) If you opt to add the GMI Token to MetaMask and/or if you haven’t done so previously, click on the “Add GMI Token to MetaMask” button.

2.8. (Optional) A MetaMask confirmation window will appear. Click on the “Add Token” button to add the GMI Token to MetaMask. Once you add the GMI token, you will be able to check your balance and send/receive GMI tokens directly from MetaMask.

3. How to Add Liquidity to the GMI-ETH Pair

3.1. Navigate to SushiSwap, hover over the “Liquidity” option in the bar at the top of the screen, then click on the “Add” option after the menu expands.

Ethereum Mainnet

3.2. Select the token pair you wish to add liquidity to. For the purpose of this guide, we will be adding liquidity to the GMI and ETH token pair.

3.3. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to add liquidity for both ETH and GMI. Keep in mind that the quantities need to have about the same value - for example, if you add $100 worth of ETH liquidity, you will also need to add $100 worth of GMI liquidity.

3.4. Once satisfied with your selection, click on the “Approve GMI” button. Confirm the operation on the newly opened MetaMask pop-up, then, once the transaction has completed, click on the “Add Liquidity” button.

3.5. A confirmation window will appear with the amount of ETH-GMI Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens you will receive, their rates and pool share your position represents. Click on the “Confirm Supply” button to proceed.

3.6. A MetaMask pop-up will appear to confirm the liquidity supply transaction. Click on the “Confirm” button to proceed. Once the transaction has been completed, your liquidity will be added to the GMI/ETH pool and you will receive the GMI/ETH LP Tokens in return.

3.7. If you wish to check your Liquidity Position, you can navigate to the “Liquidity” option and click on the “Pool” option.

4. How to Remove Liquidity from the ETH-GMI Pair

4.1. Navigate to SushiSwap, hover over the “Liquidity” option in the bar at the top of the screen, then click on the “Pool” option after the menu expands.

Ethereum Mainnet

4.2. Click on the “ETH-GMI” pair from Position Overview to expand the position you hold for the pair. Select “Remove”.

4.3. Enter the percentage of liquidity you want to remove from the pool. Click “Approve”.

4.4. On the pop-up screen, click “Sign” to sign the transaction.

4.5. Confirm “Withdrawal”.

4.6. Click “Confirm” on the pop-up window.

4.7. Click “Confirm” on the MetaMask pop-up. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will see a pop-up on the web page indicating your account was credited the tokens.

4.8. To validate the liquidity was removed from the ETH-GMI pair and credited to your account, open MetaMask and go to “Assets”. The balance of both ETH and GMI tokens will have increased. You will also notice the transaction under the “Activity” tab.