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How to Claim Listing Rewards

How to Claim Listing Rewards

1.1. Go to the GonnaMakeIt Marketplace and click on “Rewards”. Select “Listing Rewards” from the dropdown.

1.2. Click “Connect to MetaMask”.

1.3. MetaMask pop-up will appear on the browser. Confirm and connect your account to GonnaMakeIt Marketplace.

1.4. If you have not already, click “Create new listing”. For details, take a look at the How to List an NFT for Sales guide.

1.5. Come back and revisit the page to view the rewards for listing your NFTs. Click “Collect Rewards” to redeem your listing rewards.

1.6. Click “Collect”.

1.7. MetaMask will pop-up. Confirm the transaction by paying the gas fee. You will see a transaction pending message on the bottom right of the web page indicating that the transaction has been posted to the blockchain. Click “Add GMI to MetaMask” to add GMI token to your MetaMask wallet on the Ethereum chain.

1.8. A “Listing reward collected!” message will appear on the bottom right of your page to indicate the GMI tokens have been claimed and the transaction has been successfully posted to the blockchain.

👏 Congratulations! You have successfully claimed your GMI Listing Rewards.