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What are the benefits of using the GMI farming platform?

Users who lock up their GMI tokens in farming pools with long locking periods are given higher GMI rewards in the pools. It’s always more beneficial to stake in a farming pool with a high locking period than staking in a farming pool with a low locking period and compounding the interest.

The Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are modeled in a way that the longer lockups are incentivized more than compounding. To illustrate, if a user locks up their LP tokens for one month and claims their reward at the end of the month and then locks up for another month over the course of a year, they should not earn a higher total APY than the user who locked up for one year. One-month lockup has a lower APY after compounding as compared to a one-year lockup, as one-year lock up offers a much higher yield.