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GMI Airdrop Season 2

1. Description

The GMI NFT Marketplace, built on the world’s safest blockchain, Energi, offers unparalleled security and 100% royalty protection for creators. Its key features include 24/7 asset protection, guaranteed royalties for creators, platform rewards to traders, and a seamless process for launching NFT collections, ensuring a robust and user-friendly experience for all participants.

A total of 1 billion GMI tokens is reserved for airdrops. With Season 1 complete, we’re gearing up for more seasons until the Token Generation Event (TGE) in late 2025. Season 2 will see 10 million tokens allocated equally across five categories. Activities across each category earn you points, convertible to GMI Tokens at the TGE.

2. Airdrops

2.1. X Airdrop

Earn points by tweeting about GMI Marketplace and tagging @gonnamakeitNFTs. Once the GonnaMakeItNFTs account likes your tweet, you'll earn points for every view it receives throughout Season 2. We support content creators and to honor their work we will be reaching out to good content creators, so make sure your DM's are open. Following are the content guidelines:

  1. Create appealing content centered around GMI Marketplace and Energi.
  2. Content can be a post, a meme, a short video, or a combination.
  3. Keep content concise and engaging with clean captions and audio.
  4. Keep content entertaining, educative and spreading positive vibes about GMI
  5. Be timely by utilizing trending stories relevant to GMI Marketplace and Energi.
  6. If you tag founders or team members your tweet needs relevant content around them.
  7. Avoid Reusing the same media or content.
  8. Avoid quoting or tweeting old posts to boost views.
  9. Avoid Inorganic views (bots, spam, ads) as tweets found engaging in these activities will be invalidated.
  10. Avoid speculating on the GMi token price and farming it.
  11. Avoid discrimination, offensive language, drugs, or nudity.

2.1.1. XP Level Up Bonus

To incentivize engagement, we have introduced the XP Level Up Bonus Reward. Each view on your X Post (XP) earns you 1 point. Your total points will be the sum of all views across all tweets you post during Season 2.

As users progress through levels, they earn additional points and bonuses. Each level requires a specific number of points to reach, with bonuses awarded accordingly.


1. To reach Level 2, you need 100 points and receive a 1% bonus
2. To reach Level 50, you need 62,500 points and receive a 50% bonus

These bonuses are applied to your base X points (from your total views) to calculate your total points. The formula is:

Total Points = Base Points x (1 + Bonus %)

This system makes it highly rewarding to stay active and progress through the levels, enhancing your engagement experience.

2.1.2. X Airdrop Bonus Aped-in Bonus

The Aped-in Bonus is based on your ranking as compared to other users when you complete all of these activities

You will earn 100 points plus the ranking bonus:

User RankingBonus
First 1,00050% Bonus
Next 3,00040% Bonus
Next 6,00035% Bonus
Next 10,00030% Bonus
Next 20,00025% Bonus
Next 69,00022% Bonus
Next 420,00020% Bonus

Example: If you are the 50th person who completes any of the above activities you will receive an additional 50% airdrop bonus on top of all your base X points. Early Degen Bonus

To qualify for the Early Degen Bonus you need to sign up for the Energi Newsletter. The earlier you sign up the higher your bonus.

Joining WeekBonus
1st week30% Bonus
2nd week25% Bonus
3rd week20% Bonus
4th week10% Bonus

Example: If you sign up in the 1st week of the airdrop, you will receive an additional 30% airdrop bonus on top of all your base points. Zealy Bonus

Participants can claim a 20% Bonus to their base X points by simply joining the Energi Zealy Crew and validating it on their X airdrop dashboard. Referral Bonus

The GMI Airdrop Referral Bonus is a powerful, simple and multi-tier rewards program distinct from the ongoing GMI Marketplace Referral Rewards program. For Season 2, When you use a friend’s referral link, you will earn a 30% bonus on your base rewards. Your friend who referred you will earn a 30% bonus on their base rewards for referring someone.

Additionally, every time someone uses your referral link, you will reserve 30% of their base reward (Level 1 Referee). For any of your Level 1 Referees who secure their own referrals, you earn an additional 20% of the base reward of the Level 2 Referee. If the Level 2 Referee gets their own batch of referrals to sign up to the airdrop, you reserve another 10% of the Level 3 Referee’s base reward. There’s no cap on how many people a user can add to their referral group. Note that this bonus applies across all airdrop activities!

RecipientsMulti-Tier Reward
Level 1 Referee30%
Level 2 Referee20%
Level 3 Referee10%

Example: For simplicity, let’s consider we have 4 users. Each of them has reserved a base reward. User A refers User B, User B refers User C and User C refers User D. The following table illustrates how much total Airdrop Referral Bonus each will be able to claim after launch of the Marketplace.

User AUser BUser CUser D
Base Points (a)10001005030
Level 1 Referee (30%)= 100 x 30%
= 30
= 50 x 30%
= 15
= 30 x 30%
= 9
Level 2 Referee (20%)= 50 x 20%
= 10
= 30 x 20%
= 6
Level 3 Referee (10%)= 30 x 10%
= 3
Total Point from Referral (b)432190
Total Base Points (c = a +b)1,0431215930 Spread the Word Bonus

The Spread the Word Bonus is meant to reward you for spreading the word about the release of GonnaMakeIt Marketplace to your friends and family. The more Level 1 Referee you secure through your referral link the more you will be rewarded. The table below lists the bonus amount you can earn based on the number of people you refer:

People ReferredBonus
≥ 1 and < 310%
≥ 3 and < 1020%
≥ 10 and < 3030%
≥ 30 and < 10040%
≥ 10050%

2.2. Liquidity Airdrop

Earn points continuously until the TGE event by participating in the Liquidity Airdrop. Bridge (Legacy / Multichain) ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT, and/or PEPE tokens into the Energi blockchain to qualify for Season 2.

Add bridged tokens to NRG-ETH, NRG-DAI, NRG-USDC, NRG-USDT, and/or NRG-PEPE pools on Energiswap and earn 2 base points per day per USD value locked. To qualify, you MUST first bridge the supported tokens into the Energi chain and then add them to the pools. Any liquidity added prior to the bridging of the tokens will not earn any points.

We will also reward users for adding liquidity to the NRG-ETH pair on Uniswap. It will earn 1 base point per day per USD value locked.

2.2.1. Booster Multiplier Bonus

If you hodl the liquidity in the pool for a longer duration, you will earn a booster multiplier that will be added to your base liquidity points. Holding for longer yields huge benefits as the multiplier will apply to all points held in that liquidity pool position. Note that if you move funds out of the liquidity pool the bonus on those will be lost so be sure to hold long term to maximize your benefits!

Lock in DurationBooster Multiplier
≥ 90 Days < 180 Days2x
≥ 180 Days < 365 Days4x
≥ 36510x

2.2.2. Liquidity Airdrop Referral Bonus

Users will receive bonus points for referring friends and family who provide liquidity in the pools. The referral bonus is three levels deep. The referrer will receive a percentage of the points earned by their referrals.

Referral LevelLiquidity Airdrop
Referral Bonus Percentage
Level 130%
Level 220%
Level 310%
Total Liquidity Airdrop Points = (Points From Adding Liquidity x Hodl Days x Booster Multiplier) + Liquidity Airdrop Referral Bonus

2.2.3. Removing liquidity

If you remove liquidity the point you earned will remain, however your multiplier will be reset for any new liquidity you add to the liquidity pool.

2.2.4. Example: Base Liquidity Points

Liquidity Airdrop Rewards at 365th day
User Total Liquidity: $1000
    $500 worth of liquidity on Energiswap
    $500 worth of liquidity on Uniswap.
Start Date:   January 1st
Hodl Days:   365

Reminder: Users get 2x points on Energiswap and 1x on Uniswap liquidity pools

Daily Base Liquidity Points1,500
($500 on Energiswap / $500 on Uniswap)
Points from < 90 days hodl135,000
Points from ≥ 90 days < 180 days hodl270,000
Points from ≥ 180 days < 365 days hodl1,104,000
Points from ≥ 365 days hodl15,000
Total Points earned at the end of the 365th day1,524,000

2.2.5. Example: Base Liwuidity Plus Referral Bonus

Trading Airdrop Points1,524,000
Level 1's Trading Point: 1,000,000 (30%)300,000
Level 2's Trading Point: 500,000 (20%)100,000
Level 3's Trading Point: 100,000 (10%)10,000
Total Points for Trader Airdrop1,934,000

2.3. Creators Airdrop

We have a dedicated airdrop program for NFT Collections where points will be allocated to collections launching on the GMI NFT Marketplace. Eligible collections will earn 1 point per 1 NRG in volume. This program rewards creators for their contributions to the marketplace, encouraging the launch of new and exciting collections. The more volume your collection generates in NRG, the more points you earn!

2.4. Trader Airdrop

This program incentivizes active trading and rewards users for their contributions to the GMI NFT Marketplace's liquidity and activity. A total of 2 Million GMI tokens have been allocated to the Trader Liquidity Airdrop in Season 2. Trade NFTs listed on the marketplace to earn Trader Airdrop points. For every 1 NRG volume generated, you will earn 1 point. An activity qualifies for a trade when a user successfully buys an NFT.

Additionally the trader will earn bonus points from their referrals (30% for Level 1, 20% for Level 2 and 10% for Level 3 referral).

2.4.1. Trader Airdrop Referral Bonus

Users will receive bonus points for referring friends and family who trade on the GMI Marketplace. The referral bonus is three levels deep. The referrer will receive a percentage of the points their referrals earn from trading.

Referral LevelTrader Airdrop
Referral Bonus Percentage
Level 130%
Level 220%
Level 310%

2.4.2. Example - Base Trader Points Plus Bonus Points

Trader Airdrop Points1,000
Level 1's Trader Point: 1,000 (30%)300
Level 2's Trader Point: 500 (20%)100
Level 3's Trader Point: 100 (10%)10
Total Points for Trader Airdrop1,410

2.5. NFT Hodler Airdrop

Participants can earn points by connecting their wallet based on the following NFTs held on the Ethereum chain before the snapshot date of July 1st, 2024 (block number 20212616 on the Ethereum chain):

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club holders earn 10,000 points per NFT
  • Mutant Ape Club holders earn 2,000 points per NFT
  • Quirkies holders earn 1,000 points per NFT